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Getting Perspective!

To read the text on a computer screen the muscles at the back of the eye squeeze the eyeball, distorting the front of the eye, and thus changing the focal length. Doctors recommend that computer users take frequent breaks to look at something on the horizon, to take in a different perspective.

So that’s what we’re doing. We’re giving our tired eyes a break, and looking to the horizon for a new perspective. We’re breaking away from the relentless grind of modern living to journey through a dangerous, exciting and beautiful continent – On motorbikes!

In January 2008 Jody Forrester and Dan Morgan will be leaving London to travel by motorcycle to Cape Town, via the West Coast of Africa. The journey will take us around 5 months, and will take us though extreme riding conditions, challenging political climates, and amongst peoples surviving through pure subsistence living. For all this we figure the risks will be outweighed by the rewards. An African smile, a glimpse of a culture and way of life so completely different from our own.

So why 2muppets? Besides the obvious connection with Jody and I being Muppets for doing this trip, it’s also in honour of our two bikes – Bert & Ernie. Apart from our own ingenuity and guile (and money!) these bikes will be everything to us for the duration of the trip. Carrying our homes, food, water – we will be relying on these bikes to ferry us through everything from the Saharan Desert, to the mud bowls we expect in the Congo.

We’ve created this website so that we can keep friends, family and other interested parties up to date with stories of how everything is going, and whether or not we’re still alive. Something that we have both been guilty of not doing in the past!

We hope you enjoy reading about the trip and preparations!


Dan and Jody

Nb. For the IT illiterates out there MOST (but not all) of the images that are in the text can be clicked on to view larger photos.

Route Map  muppets1.jpg  sesame-street_bert-and-ernie.jpg

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