Zero to Zero to Hero!!!

Posted on January 1st, 2008 by Jody Forrester.
Categories: 01. England.

Happy New Year everyone!
We’ve decided on a theme for our departure at last – we’re going to leave tomorrow from zero degrees longitude – the meridian line at the Greenwich Observatory! The other zero of our theme is of course the equator, and the hero how we’ll feel if we pull this trip off without any major disasters!
Things can only get better in terms of this trip so far. Last minute work on the bike has had me feeling on the verge of a panic attack since Christmas, and a minor accident on our first ride out together almost ended the trip in one fell swoop. Taking off from the lights I got halfway through an intersection before spotting Walter, a speeding octogenarian (estimated!) who had run a red light at least 3 seconds after the light change… I hauled on the anchors, and he to his credit hit the gas and managed to get past me before my front tyre washed out and I crashed in the middle of the intersection. Minor damage to the bike, a ruined pair of jeans – but fortunately most of the injuries were emotional!
Thanks to all the well-wishers who’ve posted in the guestbook or emailed or texted the Sat Phone – nice to know there are people out there worried about us! Also, thank you to Katie for letting us stay in your flat during the last few days. Finally, I want to say a BIG thanks to Paul and the guys at Bracken Bikes – when I turned up there after the spill, filled with adrenalin and shitting bricks about getting the bike sorted, they went out of their way to help me out – and all on New Year’s eve!
So the preparation is done and dusted – next post from the road